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Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

Matthew Philip


About this Hands-On

Though the standard agile feedback loops - product demo, team retrospective and automated tests - provide valuable awareness of health and fitness, many teams and their stakeholders struggle to find a reliable way to understand an important area of feedback, including their level of agility: the fitness of their service delivery.

This session introduces the service-delivery review as the forum for this feedback. Participants will learn the basics of how to conduct a service-delivery review and the benefits, as well as typical fitness metrics. The context will be for software delivery teams, but the lessons will be applicable for any team, group or department that provides a service.

Prerequisite knowledge: basic agile feedback loops (e.g. demo, retrospective).

Learning outcomes - you'll understand how to:
  • identify the basics of conducting a service-delivery review
  • articulate the benefits of service-delivery reviews
  • identify typical fitness metrics
  • think about service delivery in terms of fitness for purpose

About the Speaker

As a capability cultivator, organisational fitness coach and workplace activist at ThoughtWorks, Matt helps organisations and teams continuously become fit for their purpose.

He is especially passionate about building learning organisations and creating humanising and engaging work environments.


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