Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
60 minutes

Presented by:

Dr Sal Freudenberg

Cucumber Ltd

About this Case Study

Ever created your own session for your company / a client / a conference? Or maybe wanted to? Ever taken part in a workshop and marvelled at all the amazing brains and energy in the room? Ever wondered what would happen if you could harness these things for social good?

As part of the Inclusive Collaboration (IC) campaign, Sal has created and run a number of workshops doing just that. In fact, as a result of these, IC aims to have a charitable slant to every workshop we run.

Come and hear about the inspiration and logistics behind 2 workshops that have run right here at Lean Agile Scotland. Learn how simple it can be to “charitify” your workshops. Leave inspired and with some ideas for similar things you could try.

Let’s make a positive impact on the world while we learn!

About the Speaker

Dr. Sal Freudenberg is Chief Being Sal Officer at Cucumber Ltd. When she’s not hacking, Sal focuses on nurturing more nimble, customer-centric and human(e) ways of working. She holds a PhD in the Psychology of Collaborative Software Development and since being diagnosed as autistic has developed an interest in neurodiversity.

Through re-assessing her own traits and neurology, and considering the extra-ordinary people with whom she has worked over her 25+ years in tech, Sal is raising awareness of the benefits of having diversity in our organisations and is helping the industry to begin to understand how to support and include every kind of brain.


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