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60 minutes

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Mike Sutton

Wizewerx Ltd

About this Keynote

By the time you're seated comfortably in your conference seats, Mike will likely have launched 5 apps, 3 start-ups, a movement, helped an ambitious sailor prepare for an extreme round the world race, published a set of illustrated children’s stories and become an adviser to at least 3 other start-ups.

That is only in the last 6 months.

Agility and lean principles encourage us to focus on a few things and deliver - yet neurologically, some of us find that focus extremely hard to do. So what are the options, risks and incredible pleasures of saying ‘yes’ to almost anything?

In this deeply personal keynote and his last at an agile conference, Mike will share his battles with focus and what happened when he finally embraced his ‘bored easily’ nature. He will share familiar tools, albeit bent to a different will, including: real options (the tapas variation), cost of delay (when you’re just making numbers up) and user story mapping (when building more than user stories!).

You will either be revolting by the multi-tasking - or you will burst into tears at finally finding someone who has the same struggles as you and who is now your new best friend.

About the Speaker

Mike's passion is to build and deliver products and services that he can be proud of, are sustainable and that he enjoys making.

His ever-growing box of tricks includes lean and agile principles and practices, improvisational theatre and developing powerful metaphors.

With over 20 years' experience in the technology industry, Mike has worked with dozens of businesses and with hundreds of teams in various roles ranging from development to product and people management. He remains a programmer.

When not building start-ups, Mike enjoys hiking, dreaming and being a father to his beautiful children.


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