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60 minutes

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Stephen McAinsh


About this Tutorial

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools; build projects around motivated individuals and trust them to get the job done; business people and developers must work together daily. The Agile Manifesto places a huge
emphasis on interpersonal interactions and trust.

However, in real life, are we, as agile teams and practitioners, automatically trusted because we are agile? We have all likely experienced situations where this is definitely not the case! Are there any examples you would like
to share? 

If trust is so important to being agile, we should all understand and focus on it, right?

What is trust? Can we define it? Can we measure it? How do we know when we are being trusted?

You will learn a simple and practical approach to help yourself, agile teams and management start to understand how they are trusted, and to start building trust.

About the Speaker

Stephen is an agile coach with over 20 years' industry experience in process improvement, change management and agile transformations.

He started his career as a software engineer in the 1980s with Hewlett-Packard, which was pioneering new manufacturing techniques - many of which we term as agile or lean today. He then moved into process improvement and change management, working with organisations across Europe, Japan and the US. Since 2008 his focus has been on agile transformations, working at all levels including with executives, senior management and development teams.

For organisations adopting agile, he is a strong believer in focusing on people and culture before process and tools. Part of this comes from his past experience as a personal development leader in the voluntary sector and overseas expeditions.

Stephen lives in Edinburgh, is the founder of Calba, and started Lean Agile Edinburgh in 2013.


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