Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

Martin Burns

CA Technologies

About this Case Study

Have you had help inflicted on you? Ever heard someone insisting "I'll do it on my own"? Have you ever noticed that whenever you push a system to change, it pushes back? All these scenarios are common when we seek change in an organisation. And yet change does happen, all around us, often welcomed by those closest to it - ask most new parents.

Let's reset our understanding of change, inviting those most affected to be our co-creators and leaders.

This session starts from a basis of understanding the act of helping, as outlined in Edgar Schein's work: that help only works when it is a response to a specific invitation from the person being helped, and that it requires a very specific power dynamic to work.

This is then contrasted with typical attempts to 'help' organisations change, such as external pressure and roll-out plans.

Finally, an approach is offered to generate the pull for change, along with some practical examples of how the people whose work is being changed can be invited to play a much deeper part.

About the Speaker

Martin is a lean thinker, improvement obsessive, recovering project manager. He is learning ways of introducing the best of lean and agile to historically skeptical enterprises through success, failure, dialogue and hacking people's heads.

He works for CA Technologies, supporting and enabling lean/agile transformations, and directs the EMEA Agility Services Practice. Find him on Twitter or his website.


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