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60 minutes

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Richard Cornelius


Martin Burns

CA Technologies

About this Hands-On

Clean Language (CL) sounds easy in theory, but it is hard work to get it working and sounding natural. This workshop is built on Mike Burrows' 15-Minute FOTO exercise, where participants will take turns safely using CL in a non-live environment, and discover organisational change needs that will then be developed in the rest of the workshop.

Participants will then work through these needs to produce a prioritised roadmap for change. The first part of this is to analyse them through the lens of Cynefin, teaching participants how to apply Cynefin without sounding like abstract theory wonks.

The second is how to apply a fast-start, roughly right WSJF approach without special tools, dodgy maths on story points, so that stakeholders in any organisation can quickly grasp and use it.

The session will be built using Training from the Back of the Room techniques and practical usage, rather than shallow lecture-ware.

About the Speakers

Richard Cornelius

Richard is a broad lean-agile practitioner who is passionate about empowering people, producing safe-to-fail environments and the amazingly broad beauty of humans and what we can all do when given true freedom from external constraints.

Although he was introduced to kaizen and continuous improvement concepts in the early 1990s and is now a practitioner of a number of frameworks, his understanding from an eclectic past - ranging from hardware to software and sales to project management - is that there is no such thing as a sustainable target state. Rather, he encourages people onto a journey of continual exploration and wonder.

When not being paid for doing something he's passionate about, he's back with his real love, trying to be an ever-better husband and father. Find him on LinkedIn or via his website.

Martin Burns

Martin is a lean thinker, improvement obsessive, recovering project manager. He is learning ways of introducing the best of lean and agile to historically skeptical enterprises through success, failure, dialogue and hacking people's heads.

He works for CA Technologies, supporting and enabling lean/agile transformations, and directs the EMEA Agility Services Practice. Find him on Twitter or his website.


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