Session type:
Case Study

Session duration:
45 minutes

Presented by:

Joe Wright

Hexagonal Works

About this Case Study

How much time does your team spend on planned work? The work that's going to propel your business further? 80%, maybe 60%? The reality is probably nearer 30%.

Failure demand, dependencies and unplanned work run amok in our organisations. If we want to improve performance, we need to find ways to expose this work and improve it.

During this session, you'll discover how different types of time bandits take you away from hitting your goals. Once we understand them better, then we'll look at ways to visualise them. Once exposed, we can focus on strategies for resolving them. Then finally we can get some work done.

We'll go over the 3 main types of work: planned, failure and ad-hoc. Then explore Dominica DeGrandis' time thieves of:
  • too much work-in-progress
  • conflicting priorities
  • unknown dependencies
  • unplanned work
  • neglected work
We'll see how to visualise these in charts as well as how to use LEGO to create an engaging alternative.

About the Speaker

Joe Wright is a tech lead who specialises in helping teams with legacy codebases. He targets the culture of teams, helping them overcome what they fear while improving their technical capabilities.

He ran the first Code Retreat in Western Europe in 2009 and has been helping teams adopt mob programming since 2015.

Joe is an ex-ThoughtWorker, founder of the CodeCraft conference and the Nevergreen open source project.


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