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90 minutes

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Bonnie Aumann


Katie Trupiano

Leysin American School

About this Hands-On

When it comes to getting work done, it is almost inevitable that we find ourselves working with other people, though rarely those of our choosing. As the pressure to deliver starts to rise, even handpicked teams run into people problems. Lean and agile practices can actually intensify these issues since they focus on rapidly exposing flaws in the system.

Regardless of how the team is formed or the particular development process in place, there are important team factors that ultimately lead to success or failure. And while many teams find process improvement painful, few explicitly practise building the resilience that is key to supporting those explorations.

Coaches are often more experienced with improving the way work gets done than building the interpersonal skills and group strength that support those improvements. The training and insights developed in the field of group therapy, particularly Yalom's curative factors, provide a complementary model for addressing the difficulties in teaming.

This fast-paced workshop blends lean agile approaches with insights from the field of group therapy, inviting participants to understand how our own behaviours and beliefs contribute to group performance. It is the product of convergent evolution of a shared mindset from a decade of separate study by your facilitators.

About the Speakers

Bonnie Aumann

Bonnie Aumann has over 10 years' experience on the people side of agile development. She's spoken and facilitated discussions on subjects from vulnerability by example to lean fundamentals to pre-hashtag #NoEstimates at Agile 2017, 2009, 2008. She served as conference convener for TEDxOxbridge 2013 and Agile Tour Philadelphia 2011 and 2012. Bonnie also holds the dubious credential of an MBA, though she admits she did learn quite a bit getting it at the University of Cambridge.


Katie Trupiano

Katie Trupiano, LPC, NCC, MA, has practised both group and individual therapies since completing her studies in 2010 at Wayne State University, a CACREP-accredited university and the birthplace of school counselling. Her employer, Leysin American School, is an early adopter of EduScrum in Switzerland. Her training in psychodynamics lends a welcome perspective to the lean/agile movement.

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