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90 minutes

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Chris Smith

Redgate Software

About this Workshop

At Redgate Software, we've found that development teams with purpose, self-direction and decision-making capabilities were the most engaged and delivered some amazing results.

As a result, we believe in pushing ownership of our products to the teams that work on them, agreeing the outcomes we are aiming for and then encouraging teams to decide what they do and how they do it. We expect great things from our teams and for them to live the values that reflect our organisation's culture. Values such as transparency, collaboration and continuous improvement.

We set out to clarify our expectations for our self-directing development teams, capturing 6 key principles - our vision for great development teams at Redgate. But, as with many visions, values or guidelines dreamt up by organisations to set direction, these principles skulked off to lurk in a dark corner of our wiki and began to pass into myth as our teams got on with the task of delivering software to our users.

We realised we needed something more engaging to encourage our teams to live these principles. Something memorable and fun that helps teams to take a wider perspective and allow them to identify areas where they can improve. So we gave each principle an animal mascot - unleashing our Fantastic Beasts!

With the power of the Porpoise, teams stay focused on their purpose. The transparency of the Jellyfish keeps teams open and honest. The wisdom of the Owl means they understand their users, and the agile Chameleon reminds us to inspect and adapt. The collaborating Meerkat encourages us to listen and be mindful of others. The proud Koala maintains a healthy balance between delivery and quality.

In this workshop, you will find out all about our Fantastic Beasts; why they exist, what they represent and how we use them. We'll be asking you to explore what the beasts mean to you, and you'll take away the means to unleash the beasts in your own habitat.

About the Speaker

Chris is Head of Product Delivery at Redgate. His job is to lead the software development teams that work on Redgate's ingeniously simple database tools; building teams with clarity of purpose, autonomy within their remit and a drive to continuously improve.


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